Women Empty Hands SelfDefense Seminar Free for Single Moms

Free For Single Mothers
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Women Self Defense 1 Day Seminar level 1

Learn how to defend yourself in just one day

Some women's busy schedule between family and work do not allow for weekly self-defense classes. We understand, and that is why Kingman Force on Force has created a very unique, intense and affordable, one day self-defense seminar every month, just for women! We will train you in effective and practical self-defense techniques that you will continue to practice at home from the FREE PDF file that you will receive for attending this seminar.
This essential self-defense seminar starts at 9:00 AM (please arrive at training center at 8:30 AM) and ends at 3:00 PM
Here is some of the curriculum you will learn:
1) How to Avoid the Fight
2) The Color of Awareness
3) The Combat Mindset
4) Knowing your Enemy: the 2 types of Attackers
5) Reading the body language of your Attacker
6) The Preemptive Stance – the Fighting Stance
7) The Warrior Yell 

8) Never Surrender: Psychological warfare
9) Open Palm Strike

10) Eye distraction
11) Hammer Fist

12) Groin Strike
13) Stomp strike

14) Parrying with your elbow

15) Front Instep Kick
16) Shin Kick

17) The 3 secrets of a street fight

18) Elbow Strike
19) The final Strike
This curriculum is part of the Level 1 Women Self-Defense Seminar.
When you graduate from Level 1, you will be able to attend the Level 2 where you will have the opportunity to learn other techniques.

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Next Seminar is Saturday December 1st.

Just $39.99 if you prepay for the seminar

$80.00 if you pay at the door.

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Women Self-Defense 1 day seminar 12/01/2018

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If you pay at the door it will cost $80.00 but prepaying here you pay just $39.99

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