Virtual Range Simulator

Train like in real life with shoot and no shoot scenarios

Train with our state of the art software to recreate realistic scenarios where you will have to engage opponents in shoot and no shoot situations. We offer blowback infrared handguns and AR15 rifles that will cycle and feel like a real weapon.

Our  119" HD screen with HD video projector and 400watts THX sound system and computer generated scenarios will make you feel like you are really there.

You can book the virtual range for 30 minutes choosing 3 scenarios each time with the supervision of one of our instructors for just $39.00
You will do the scenario first on your own, cold. Then, the instructor will show you the potential improving points. Then you do it again.

Some of our Scenarios

Home Invasion

Home Burglary

Gunman with Hostage

Gunman in Basement



Robbery in Action


Child Kidnapping

Hostage Rescue
Church Shooting
Shooter at workplace

Virtual Range Training Scenarios

Train like law enforcement with the Virtual Range Shoot no Shoot Scenarios at Kingman Force on Force