Take Down Pressure Points Self-Defense Seminar

Learn how to control and stop your attacker using pressure points and take down techniques

Sometimes violent strikes are not necessary to subdue a potential attacker. Strikes can break bones, be bloody and create permanent traumas. At Kingman Force on Force we have created this 3 hours self defense seminar where you will learn    1) Wrist and finger locks to control your opponent in close hand-to-hand combat fighting  2) Reality-based self-defense take down techniques    3) How to use almost no force to subdue an attacker with wrist locks and take down techniques used in ancient martial arts, but simplified and made adaptable to modern use real life scenarios
Our instructor is Aikido Certified and Aikido Black Belt; he also has Black Belts in Hsing Yi from Wu-Tang Mountain and Shaolin Kung Fu  This seminar is for everyone, regardless your experience, skill level or fitness.  Limited Seats - Each student will have access to on-line video to continue the study of these techniques

$99.00 if you pay at the door, or $49.00 if you prepay before the event

To book call 928-263-0071 or email info@kingmanforceonforce.com 

Take Down Pressure points self defense seminar at Kingman Force of Force

Take Down Pressure points self defense seminar at Kingman Force of Force

Take Down Pressure Pojnts Seminar

Our next seminar is Sunday July 14 from 2 PM to 5PM


#1 Finger Take down

#2 Hand shake trap

#3 Pinky take down

#4 Take Down 2 Hands Nose

#5 Take 1 Hand Nose

a) Using your open palm put pressure on the nose and eye sockets area of your opponent
b) At the same time position your other hand behind the waist area of your opponent, applying pressure from the back toward the front.
c) Perform this take down smooth and coordinated.
d) Outside 


#6 Single Hand Spear

 a) Form the hand spear hand
b) push down the spear hand 45 degrees downward in the base of the throat area of your opponent 


#6 Double Hand Spear

 This technique is to counter choke, or bear hug. It is to break the choke or put give your opponent pain, but it must be completed with a strike.
b) Form a spear connecting both palms together.
c) At the moment of the strike the strongest hand will strike your opponent vital point like Solar Plexus or the pocket of the bottom of throat.   


#7 Cavalier

a) It can be used against hand grab, collar grab, throat grab or even head or hair pull.
b) Control the opponent's hand and strike at the same time his groin or eyes
c) With the same hand you were controlling the opponent's hand, now grab his wrist while with your hand using all your fingers control the opponent's back of his hand.
d) Using both hands rotate the opponent's hand towards outside his body, while spiraling him down with your body's weight

#8 Take Down the head

a) Grab with one hand the chin of your opponent and the hand the top of the head.
b) Roatate the head like opening a jar, but keeping the tension to 45 degrees up.

c) Be careful: extremely dangerous, It can break the neck. Train only with a professional instructor.


#9 Grab same arm

#10 Grab Opposite Arm

#11 Same side grab

#12 Opposite side grab

# 13 Knee take down

 a) Lock with your foot the opponents foot and control his arm meanwhile strike a sensitive point like the opponent's groin.
b) Use your knee pushing down against the opponent's shin with your whole body


#14 Push and pull

 a) Push the collarbone of your opponent and at the same time control the elbow of your opponent
b) Meanwhile use your leg behind the opponent's leg.
c) Apply pressure with arm and pull with your leg at the same time 


#15 Hip Joint Pressure

Block and palm pressure to hip joint and while trapping the opponent's leg from behind
a) Control the opponent's foot  while stepping on it or use your leg to trap the opponent's leg from behind
b) Apply pressure point on the hip joint with your bottom of palm or with elbow 


#16 Elbow lock vs punches

a) The opponent is striking with a punch
b) You try to move to the side while trapping the opponent's arm at his wrist using your hand and putting pressure on his elbow using your forearm. All in one movement
c) Be careful: you can break his elbow


#17 pressure Behind the ear

a) Control the head with one hand and the opponent foot with your foot
b) push the thumb inside your opponent in pocket behind the ear connecting the jaw. Push up and down 


#18 Elbow Press take down

a) The opponent grabs shoulder collar or throat or arm
b) Control with one hand and strike with the other the opponent's eyes or groin
c) Twist the wrist while controlling the elbow at the same time
d) Put pressure on both points push down in a spiral movement your opponent with your body