Tai-Chi Chen Style

Learn Tai-Chi Chen Style at Kingman Force on Force with Mr. Keo.

Mr. Keo is certified Tai-Chi instructor under Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang. He teaches Tai-Chi every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 7 AM at Kingman Force on Force.  

Tai-Chi (Chen Style)


Our Tai-Chi program

At Kingman Force on Force we offer the Chen-Style Tai-Chi. Tai Chi is one of the best known martial arts of the Internal Systems from ancient China with roots extending beyond the 1300’s. Chen-Style Tai-Chi is the most ancient and original form from which descended the other 5 traditional styles. Chen-style combines responses of alternating fast and slow movements/ focused power. The founder of the Chen-style was Chen Wangting, a distinguished warrior and military Commander during the Ming Dynasty, s famous for his skill in martial arts; upon his retirement after the rise of the Qing Dynasty in 1636, Chen Wangting developed the Chen-Style Tai-Chi that now is available at Kingman Force on Force. Our direct lineage Tai-Chi Instructor Keo studied under Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang.

Some Benefits of the Tai-Chi Chen-Style:   
 Solid Stance with Low Center of Gravity Perfect for Martial Arts Applications: Foundation and Reinforcement  Improved Balance and Posture Pauses/Transitions between Techniques Increased Stability and Strength  Counter Stress--Relief from Effects of Stress on Both Body and Mind Calm Mind, Promoting Health and Longevity Heightened Feelings, Sensitivity, and Perception Improved Mental Concentration and Clarity Overall Physical Fitness, an Important Step Toward Effective Self-defense Cultivated Calm and Focussed Demeanor  


Our Classes and Instructors

Our Senior Tai-Chi instructor, Mr. Keo,  is certified  under Gran Maestro Chen Xiaowang. At almost 70 years old can still perform push ups on 2 fingers.  


Book your Class

3 classes per week:   12-class course is just $69.00 & special for couples $99.00!   or if paid separately, $15.00 per individual hour class   

Schedule: Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday 7:00 AM 

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