Street Kick Boxing at Kingman Force on Force

Street Kick Boxing

Because there are no rules on the streets

Our Street Kick Boxing is more than just learning how to kick or punch, it is how to survive and win in a violent confrontation in real life. On the streets there are no dojos, no rules, and criminals will not play fair, so neither you should. We believe that the best fight is the one we can avoid, and if we have no other choices, is the one that we will win. They will start it, we will finish it. You will learn how to read the body of your opponent, how to develop a combat mindset, and of course how to fight back using every part of your body.

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The Complete Course is 36 Hours (3 months)

1 hour class, 3 times per week 

$15.00 per 1-hr class

if you pre-pay the month, the 12 class course is just $69.00

$99.00 special for couples  

Hours and Days

7:00 PM Monday – Tuesday -Wednesday

If you have any questions

Call us 928-263-0071 or email us