Stop Domestic Violence Free self defense seminar

Fight back: Stop Domestic Violence Free Self Defense Seminar

Free Women Self Defense Class to Stop Domestic Violence

Fight Back: Stop Domestic Violence
FREE Self Defense Seminar at Kingman Force on Force for Victims of Domestic Violence

If you are a victim of Domestic Violence, you have to the opportunity to attend a Free self Defense seminar sponsored by Kingman Force on Force where you will learn:

1) Mental and Physical self defense techniques
2) How to fight back using your body as a weapon
3) How to ask for help and to survive physically and mentally violent attacks

The instructor is Gianluca Zanna, who is a son of a Domestic Violence victim,
“Refuse to be a Victim” NRA Certified Instructor - Krav-Maga Instructor with Krav-Maga Federation of America - AZ DPS Firearms Instructor - Certified Personal Trainer – Fitness Nutrition Specialist -  Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist by National

 Academy Sports Medicine

Curriculum:  Fight Back – How to Stop Domestic Violence by Gianluca Zanna  1) About the Author: growing up with domestic violence 2) Identify Domestic Violence  3) Pregnancy, children and domestic violence 4) Don't take the blame 5) Create a safety plan  6) Protect your communication and location  7) The Pattern of Domestic Violence - cycle 8) Breaking the cycle 9) Ask for help  10) The Arizona Law: restraining orders won't save you 11) Evidence, witnesses, spy tools 12) Your brain is the main weapon 13) Combat Mindset: Never give up 14) Weapons of Opportunity, Firearms, less lethal weapons 15) Diet: you are what you eat, physically and mentally  16) Physical Conditioning, Drugs, Alcohol and more 17) Mental Conditioning 18) Colors of Awareness and Situational Awareness 19) Verbal and Visual Command – The Warrior Yell 20) Posture: look like a victim, you will become a victim 21) Striking Targets  - Anatomy of your Attacker 22) When to Strike First 23) The 3 Stances and the 3 Distances 24) Reading the body of your attacker 25) Physical and Psychological Distractions to use Against your Attacker 26) Protect Yourself 27) Control your attacker: the clinch 28) Palm Strikes 29) Eye Gouge 30) Hammer Fist 31) Elbow Strike 32) The Slap 33) Stomp 34) Knee Strike 35) Front Instep Kick 36) The Bite 37) Drills a) stomp – palm – palm – hammer – elbow – clinch – knee -                   b) Front instep kick – ear slap – eye gouge – elbow – knee – hammer fist  


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Date: 05/25/2019

Seminar starts at 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM
Limited seats !Please book via email 

Call for any questions 928-263-0071