Empty Hands Self-Defense for Seniors

Empty Hands and improvised weapons Self-Defense for Seniors at Kingman Force on Force. Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 AM with Mr. Keo. Because Self Defense is a Human Right. 

Self Defense for seniors at Kingman Force on Force

Seniors Empty Hands Self Defense

Self-Defense belongs to every age.

At Kingman Force on Force we have created an Empty Hands Self-Defense Course just for Seniors to focus on their needs and customized for their bodies. Like the "Empty Hands Real Life Self Defense", the Senior Empty Hands is a A practical and easy to learn self-defense system that can be mastered in 36 hours (3 months), no matter how old you are, or your physical condition, or your strength. Our Seniors Hand-to-Hand Real Life Self-Defense LEVEL I curriculum can be mastered with just 48 hours of instruction (a 3 month course of study), allowing you to learn devastating hand-to-hand and mental techniques that could save your life or the life of an innocent person during a violent confrontation.
We start from how to develop the “Combat Mindset,” because before any technique, your warrior spirit will make the difference between a Martial Artist who just knows the moves and a Real Fighter who never gives up until the fight is over.  Also, we focus on how to develop Awareness, because in the end, the best fight is the one we can avoid, and the only way to avoid it, is to see it coming.
You will learn how to read the body language of a potential violent opponent before he/she attacks you. Learn how a violent criminal thinks, and what make you a potential target. Also, you will learn dirty but effective street tricks, because criminal attackers do not play fair, and when defending your life or that of an innocent, neither should you.
 In this course, you will learn why striking with an open palm is better than traditional punches, you will learn how to use your body as a weapon, with instinctive and easy to remember moves that everybody can perform, regardless of age, sex or physical condition.  We believe that it is better to know and master just a handful of practical core moves, than being confused by hundreds of hard to remember moves, sequences, and rituals.
You will learn how to create an enormous level of energy in every strike you perform using ancient techniques and develop the survival combat reflex to use during a violent confrontation. During an attack, if you hesitate to think, you are already dead.

This unique Hand-to-Hand Real-Life Self-Defense Course Curriculum was created by our Self-Defense Instructor Gianluca Zanna, with the supervision and expert contribution of our Instructor KEO, Certified Tai-Chi Instructor under Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, Aikido Certified Instructor and Aikido Black Belt, Black Belt in Hsing Yi from Wu-Tang Mountain and Shaolin Kung Fu. KEO studied Edged Weapons with Philippine Grandmaster Remy Presas. KEO was also part of the South African Special Forces--5 Recce--training them in empty hands and edged weapons combat. At nearly the venerable age of 70 years old, he can still perform push ups with 2 fingers. 

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The Complete Course is 36 Hours (3 months)

1 hour class, 3 times per week 

$15.00 per 1-hr class

if you pre-pay the month, the 12 class course is just $69.00

$99.00 special for couples  

Hours and Days

8:00 AM Monday – Tuesday -Wednesday

If you have any questions

Call us 928-263-0071 or email us info@kingmanforceonforce.com