Self Defense Seminars at Kingman Force on Force

Self-Defense Seminars

Why Self-Defense Seminars ?

We understand that because of the busy schedule, many people may have difficulties in attending regular self-defense classes. For this reason, at Kingman Force on Force, we have created intense and practical self-defense seminars where you can learn the foundation of different self-defense techniques with the supervision of our instructors, and then continue the practice at home with our included FREE PDF files that show you with detailed photos and videos how to perform the self-defense techniques you have learned during the seminars.

Self-Defense Seminars

Kubotan Seminar

Kubotan Seminar at Kingman Force on Force

Practical, affordable, easy to conceal and carry. Learn how to use the Kubotan for self-defense. Click here for more info

Walking Cane Seminar

Combat Cane for self defense

Seniors who use a walking cane will love these seminar. How to use your walking cane for self defense

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Take Down Seminar

Take Down Pressure Points Seminar

Learn how to take down your attacker using pressure ponts
. Click here for more info

Pepper Spray/Keychain Stun Gun Seminar

Learn how to use pepper spray and keychains at kingman force on force. Less lethal self-defense tool

Learn how to use Professional grade Pepper Sprays and keychains for Self-Defense. Click here for more info

Women Self-Defense Seminar

women self defense seminar

Learn how to to use your body and mind to defend yourself in just one day. 

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Bullyproof Self Defense Seminar

Bullyproof Kids self-defense Seminar

Give your children the chance to fight back and defend themselves against bullies
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Empty Hands Self-Defense 1 Day Seminar

Learn how to fight for real life scenarios

Practical effective, easy to learn, our Empty Hands Self-Defense for Real Life curriculum is now presented to you in 1 day seminar with FREE eBook for continuing your training at home.
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Empty Hands self-defense 1 day seminar at kingman force on force

Empty Hands self-defense 1 day seminar at kingman force on force