Empty Hands Self Defense Seminar 11/17/2018

Empty Hands Self Defense Seminar. Coming this November 17 Saturday
Limited seats. Over 6 hours of vital information and self defense training in how to use your mind and body as ultimate weapon. Just $39.99 if you prepay here 

Empty Hands Self-Defense 1 Day Seminar

This 1 Day learning experience could save your life

The busy schedule between family and work sometimes does not allow for regular weekly self-defense classes. That is why Kingman Force on Force has created a very unique, intense and affordable, one day self-defense seminar every month, for everyone! We will train you in effective and practical self-defense techniques that you will continue to practice at home with the FREE PDF file that you will receive for attending this seminar.  Over 6 hours of vital information and self defense training in how to use your mind and body as ultimate weapon, featuring Mr. Keo from Burma and Luca Zanna from Italy.
Mr. Keo is Black belt in Kung Fu Shaolin and Aikido but also comes from real life combat, as combat veteran who fought 7 years during the civil war against the Marxist government in Burma. He is also a former trainer for the South African Special Forces Recce 5 in Empty Hands and Edged Weapons. At the age of almost 70 years old, he can still perform push ups on 2 fingers. Luca Zanna  had to learn how to fight very early, since the age of 11 year old when he left home and he grew up in the Italian Boarding School Convitto Nazionale in Rome. He then joined the elite Military Academy Nunziatella, the oldest Military School in the world where only 3% of the candidates are admitted each year.  Zanna also fought almost daily on the streets of Rome against local thugs while he was performing in re-enactments fights as Roman Gladiator before he emigrated to America. When he came to America, he then managed the security of one of the most famous bar in Hollywood on Sunset Strip The Mirabelle, for over 15 months, with no real fights while under his watch. Here is some of the curriculum you will learn: 1) How to Avoid the Fight 2) The Color of Awareness 3) The Combat Mindset 4) Knowing your Enemy: the 2 types of Attackers 5) Reading the body language of your Attacker
6) The Preemptive Stance – the Fighting Stance 7) The Warrior Yell 8) Never Surrender: Psychological warfare 9) Open Palm Strike 10) Eye distraction 11) Hammer Fist 12) Groin Strike 13) Stomp strike 14) Parrying with your elbow 15) Front Instep Kick 16) Shin Kick
17) The 3 secrets of a street fight 18) Elbow Strike 19) The final Strike and much more.
 We offer FREE curriculum on PDF of the whole class for all students, to give you the opportunity to continue your practicing at home. 

This curriculum is part of the Level 1 Self-Defense Seminar.  LIMITED SEATS!

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Next Seminar is Saturday November 17.

Just $39.99 if you prepay for the seminar

$80.00 if you pay at the door.

Limited Seats 

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Self Defense Seminar November 17 2018 Normally $80.00 Prepay here just $39.99

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