real estate self defense training at Kingman Force on Force in Kingman Arizona

Real Estate Agents Self Defense Seminar

Free for Women

According to a 2017 report conducted by the National Association of REALTORS®, 38% of real estate agents have encountered a situation that made them fear for their personal safety. Kingman Force on Force Self Defense Training Center is sponsoring a Real Estate Agents Self Defense Seminar that is FREE for Women. This seminar is specifically for men and women in the realty business to empower you with knowledge in empty hand self-defense techniques and safety tips.  Instructors are certified in Empty Hand Self-Defense, NRA Certified Refuse to Be a Victim, NRA Certified Personal Protection in the Home, and NRA Certified Personal Protection Outside the Home.

The seminar includes practical Safety tips,  easy to learn strikes using every part of your body, and defensive techniques against chokes, holds and much more.

1) Safety Tips for Real Estate Agents 2) How to Avoid the Fight The Color of Awareness - Verbal and Visual deescalation - The Combat Mindset - Knowing your Enemy: the 2 types of Attackers - Reading the body language of your Attacker - Become a gray man/woman: the art of blending in - Poker Face: the Art of deception - The Warrior Yell 3) The Stance (Neutral – Alert – Fighting Stance) 4) First Strike The Preemptive Attack -  Eye Distraction - Verbal Distraction  - Object Distraction - Never Surrender - The 5 mistakes of a Street Fight – Human Body Anatomy for Self-Defense – The First Second 5) Palm strike 6) Hammer Fist 7) Tiger Claw 8) Elbow Strikes 9) Front Instep Kick 10) Stomp 11) Knee strike 12) Purse defense 13) Hair Grab 14) Head Lock 15) Bear Hug Behind 16) Bear Hug Front 17) Double Wrist Grab a) Low b) High 18) Single Wrist Grab a) Same arm – b) opposite arm 19) Rear Arm Grab Defense  20) Surprise Front Take down For Self Defense  21) Shoulder Grab  22) Less lethal Tools for Self-Defense 23) Final Considerations on how to Fight Back  24) The Groin Strike 26) The Final Strike

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This 3 hour seminar is $39.99 for men, and women are FREE!
For more information or reserving your seat call 928-263-0071