Krav-Maga Videos

Here are the videos of all the Krav-Maga Techniques and curriculum that we teach at our workshops

Krav-Maga Level 1 Curriculum

Here are the videos of each technique we teach at level 1 Krav-Maga Workshops

 Curriculum Krav-Maga Workshop Level 1
by Gianluca Zanna – Kingman Force on Force
Philosophy of Krav-Maga as way of life 

You are the weapon 

Weapons of opportunity 

Avoid, Evade, Fight: the 10 year rule 

Situational Awareness 

The Combat Mindset 

Verbal and Visual Command 

Preemptive Strike: when is justified 

Distractions: verbal, objects, the warrior yell 

Understanding the 3 Distances 

Fighting Stance and Alert Stance 

Keeping your opponent off balance 

Defenses: Defense 1 – Defense 2 

Palm Strikes (Static Palm – Double Palms – Palm strikes – Palm Take Down) 

Hammer Fist
Forearm Strike 

7 Elbow strikes    

Knife hand
Eye Gouge
Finger Strike
Ear Slap 

Front Clinch Side Clinch
Defense Against Front Clinch
Defense Against Side Clinch 

Head Butts 

Knee Strike 

Groin Strike 

Take Down Throat - Take Down Head 

1 Drill:1)Palm left 2)Palm Right  3)Elbow 4)Knife Hand 5)Grab shoulder 6)Head Butt 7)Knee 8)Hammer fist 9) Elbow

2 Drill:1)Groin Kick 2)Palm left 3)Palm Right 4)Elbow 5)Knife Hand 6)Grab shoulder 7)Head Butt 8)Knee
9)Hammer fist 10)Elbow

3 Drill 1) Object Distraction 2) Palm 3) elbow 4) Knife hand  5) Clinch 6) Head butt 7) knee strike 8) Hammer Fist

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