Positive Interactions with Law Enforcement While You are Armed
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Positive Interactions with Law Enforcement While are Armed interaction with law enforcement while armed in Kingman

Knowing your rights while being respectful and safe while armed

Join us to our FREE seminar Positive interaction with law enforcement while armed in Kingman.

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This 1-hour informative Seminar teaches gun owners in the State of Arizona how to interact with Law Enforcement, in different scenarios, in a positive way. It also informs you of our Arizona State and Federal laws. 


1) Right Attitude, Freedom and Responsibility

2) Gun Safety Rules and Beyond

3) Know your State and Federal Laws: who can carry legally in Arizona

4) Open Carry vs Concealed Carry; Why CCW?

5) Places where to carry and where not to carry in Arizona 

6) Body Language, Personal Appearance and Behaviour

7) Alcohol and Guns 

8) Interaction on Foot (practical scenario)

9) Private Property and Posted Signs

10) Interaction in the Vehicle: State and Federal Laws (practical scenario)

11)Aftermath if you have to use a gun for self-defense: what to do when officers arrive

12) Legal Display of a Firearm vs Brandishing

13) Domestic Violence, False Report, Coming to your door

14) Fourth Amendment, Under Arrest, Detained

15) Cost of Legal Defense, how to be ready 

16) Final considerations. Questions and Answers. 


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No Ammo or loaded guns in the room. 

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