KEO: Empty Hands, Tai Chi, Edged Weapons

Keo self defense instructor at Kingman Force on Force (empty hand, edged weapons, tai-chi)

Instructor KEO, is Chief instructor at Kingman Force on Force, teaching TAI-CHI, Empty Hands, Edged Weapons and Street Kick Boxing.

He was trained by Special Forces in Jungle and Mountain Warfare, and with those skills, he fought Marxism for 7 years in the Myanmar (Burma) Civil War. Mr. Keo is an Infantry/Paratrooper Combat Veteran who fought and survived 3 wars in 3 different continents. 

Mr. Keo is a direct lineage Chen style Certified Tai-Chi Instructor under the Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang. He is an Aikido Certified Instructor and an Aikido Black Belt; he also has Black Belts in Hsing Yi from Wu-Tang Mountain and Shaolin Kung Fu. KEO studied Edged Weapons with Philippine Grandmaster Remy Presas. Mr. Keo was also part of the South African Special Forces, 5 Recce, training them in Empty Hands and Edged Weapons Combat. At nearly the venerable age of 70 years old, he can still perform push-ups with 2 fingers. 

Luca Zanna: Firearms Self Defense Instructor

Luca Zanna Chief Firearms Instructor

Luca Zanna is the Chief Firearms Instructor at Kingman Force on Force.  He is an AZ DPS licensed Firearms  Instructor, NRA Certified Instructor in Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, NRA Certified Self Defense Inside the Home, and a NRA Certified Self Defense Outside the Home Instructor; he is also NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, and a Refuse to be a victim Certified Instructor. Luca Zanna is Distinguished Graduate at Frontsight Nevada Firearms Institute, a Qualified Rifleman with the Army Qualification test, and a UTM Certified Instructor.  In Italy, from a young age, he grew up in a National Boarding School, and then he joined the elite Military Academy Nunziatella, the oldest Military School in the world where only 3% of the candidates are admitted each year. 

He knows from experience what it means to be bullied and how to fight back. He created the Bully-Proof Self-Defense Program for Children and Youth. Mr. Zanna is also the founder of Kingman Force on Force; he supervises all the self-defense curriculum of the various courses.

Luca Zanna - Chief Firearms Instructor