Home Defense Tactics - Firearms Self Defense for inside the home

Home Defense Tactics

Prevention - Response - Aftermath

The goal of this class is to train people how to prevent, respond and deal with the aftermath of a home invasion. It includes live, simulations of several home invasion scenarios, the use of the Virtual Shooting Range Simulator, how to reinforce your home and make it less desirable to criminals, what to do during the home invasion, planning ahead, and much more. During the class, safe but realistic Laser Training Guns will be provided so that you will prepare and train safely replicating realistically in real-life scenarios. 

 a) Prevention
1) Evil is Real: Understanding the mind of the home invader. Think like a criminal   The 2 types of criminals - Rats walk in pack: always expect the worst
2) Prevention is not paranoia: Yes it can happen to you.
3) How to secure your Home. Remember: No home is impenetrable
4) Preparing the outside and the street:  Appearance – Deterrents – Reinforcements – Warning systems - Perimeter (wall, fences, rose bushes, obstacles) - Points of entry (windows, doors, pet doors, second floors, garage doors) - Warning systems (motion sensors, alarm systems, security cameras, motion sensor lights) signs – dogs – what to do if you are out of town
5) Preparing inside of your Home
Know your home (the blind experience) – Inner Perimeters - Lock the Doors - Have a plan – Preparing your Bedroom - Reinforcing doors – Pre-positioning important items – create your own Safe Room – Hallways – Stairs
6) The danger of Social Media

b) Response

7) What to do during home invasion: Make a plan - Practice the plan - Follow the plan; Focus on Tools: hearing protection – Emergency kit – carrying gear - light; Focus on Weapons. What is best? Handgun, Shotgun, Rifle;   Communications: Cell Phones – Create your own codes – Phone – Printed reminder 

8) How to Clear rooms: is it worth it? When is worth it?
How to clear Corners – Doors – How to Search a room - Cover and Concealment
9) Engaging the Threat: when to shoot or not to shoot – how to engage the threat – what to do if the criminal surrenders – Practical examples with laser guns 

10) Weapons Manipulation
c) Aftermath
11) When the Police arrive: how to deal with the aftermath
12) Know your state laws on use of  Deadly Force : the Castle Doctrine Law
13) Graduation 

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 8 Hour Course divided in 2 lessons course    
Regular price $100
If you pay in advance, the entire 8-hour course just $69.00
But Bring a friend and pay just $50:00 each 


Requirements: Over 18 but minors are welcome with adults - No Ammunition in the room