The Gladiator Workout at Kingman Force on Force

The Gladiator's cONDITIONING

A program studied for real life self defense and MMA fights

Develop Combat Ready Strength, Agility and Endurance with the  "The Gladiator Conditioning Program."

Using conditioning and training techniques from the Russian Special Forces "Spetsnaz" and the official MMA Conditioning Program by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the goal of this course is to train your body and mind, to develop impressive explosive strength, agility and endurance focused for combat purposes. 

The "Gladiator Conditioning Program" is one of our new, innovative classes at Kingman Force On Force, and it is open for everybody.  The curriculum was created by Gianluca Zanna, Krav-Maga instructor, certified MMA Conditioning Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Zanna also had the unique opportunity to train and work in Rome, Italy, as a Roman Gladiator for realistic re-enactment gladiatorial fights for film and the arena.  His former California-based gladiatorial school was featured in Esquire Magazine. 

Challenge yourself to a new you, and join us!

We have 3 levels for this course:
Level  1 Tiro
Level II  Secundus Palus
Level III Primus Palus 

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The Complete Course is 36 Hours (3 months)

1 hour class, 3 times per week 

$15.00 per 1-hr class

if you pre-pay the month, the 12 class course is just $69.00

Hours and Days

6:00 AM Mon – Wed - Fri

10:00 AM  Mon –Tue -  Wed


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Hours and Days

10:00 AM Monday – Tuesday –  Wednesday

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The Gladiator's Conditioning Program

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