Combat Shotgun for self defense

Combat Shotgun for self defense

Learn how to master the most powerful weapon for self defense

looking for the best Shotgun Training in Kingman? At Kingman Force on Force we offer Shotgun for self defense. The course objective is to empower responsible gun owners to learn the fundamentals and beyond for using any pump Shotgun for home defense. Affordable, detailed, practical and effective, this course can teach you to master any pump shotgun while developing a combat mindset, creating a strong foundation to continue your training at home.   

Curriculum by Gianluca Zanna AZ DPS Firearms Instructor, NRA Certified  Instructor in Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun Instructor, NRA Certified Self Defense Inside the Home Instructor, NRA Certified Self Defense Outside the Home Instructor, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, Refuse to be a victim Certified Instructor, Distinguished Graduated at Frontsight Nevada Firearms Institute, Qualified Rifleman with the Army Qualification test, UTM Certified Instructor. 

 The “Combat Shotgun for Home Defense” Class includes free PDF Curriculum and access to FREE onLine videos to continue your training at home. 

1) Gun Safety and Range Safety Rules (Classroom)

2) Shotgun: the bad, the good and the ugly + Terminology (Classroom)

3) How to Carry and Storage any Shotgun for self-defense (Classroom)

4) The 3 ready positions (Classroom)

5) How to Check the condition of any Shotgun (Classroom)

6) How to Load and Unload any Shotgun (Classroom)

7) Understanding Patterning and Ammunition for Home Defense (Classroom)

8) Shooting Positions (Standing, Kneeling, Combat Squat, Sitting and Prone) (Classroom)

9) Airsoft Shotgun Force on Force Home Invasion Scenarios (Classroom)

10) Cover and Concealment (Classroom)

11)The 3 Secrets of Marksmanship (Classroom)

12) Malfunctions Clearance – Failure to Fire – Failure to eject – Failure to Extract (Range)

13) After Action Drill - 360 scanning (Range) 

14) Select Slug (Range)

15) Emergency Reload - Tactical Reload (Range)

16) Close Contact - Weapon Retention (Range)

17) Shooting Drills: 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 25 yards - Failure to Stop (Range)

18) Reading your Target (Range)

19) Dry Practice Drills (Classroom)

20) Combat Mindset – Level of Awareness - Graduation (Classroom) 

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12 hour course divided in 6 2 hour lessons - $15.00 per hour.

Buy  the whole course for just $149 

Requirements: Over 18 - Eye protection - Ear Protection (electronic only) Baseball Cap - Fully functional Factory Pump Shotgun with Stock and no custom internal or external modifications (ex: removal of trigger guard, or pistol grip only stock ) – Sling – 200 birdshots – 50 buckshots – 50 slungs (no reloads)
Water and snack - No alcohol before or during the class - Medications or medical conditions will be asked before the class - No Ammunition in the room