Children Self Defense


Because Evil is out there!

This 36 hours (3 months) course  has the goal to mentally and physically prepare children from the age of 3 to 12 to avoid being kidnapped, molested and physically harmed by anyone.   

Parents are asked to attend the course too. Classes are open to children and we have created specific courses for targeted age groups. 


Prepare them in the mind and body

Your children will learn how to deal with strangers, how to avoid dangerous situations, how to ask for help, how to physically and mentally resist, and how to defend themselves with easy to learn but very effective self-defense techniques. 

Children self defense in Kingman AZ at Kingman Force on Force

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The Complete Course is 36 Hours (3 months)

1 hour class, 3 times per week 
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6:00 PM Monday – Tuesday -Wednesday

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Call us 928-263-0071 or email us 

Evil is out there

Prepare your children in how to fight back. Predators want easy victims. Your children will not be.

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