Anti Bully self-defense classes in Kingman. BullyProof 101 at Kingman Force on Force

Anti Bully Self Defense Classes

Because No Child Should Ever Become a Victim

The goal of this anti bully self defense course is to mentally and physically prepare children to avoid and deal with being bullied, and if necessary, how to defend themselves while asking for help.
Learn how your enemy thinks: Who is a Bully
How to Avoid to be Bullied
Mental and Psychological Conditioning
Physical Conditioning
the Mental and Psychological Bully
the Physical Bully
Developing Awareness
The 3 Stances
Verbal and Visual Command
the Warrior Yell
The Rhino: Defense and Offense
How to Fall (front and back)
How to Fight from the Ground
How to Get up from the Ground (stand and run – stand in base)
Palm Strikes (jab – cross – tempest – take down)
Hammer Fist (front – side - downward)
The Slap
Groin kick Shin kick
the Stomp
How to defend against bear hug (arms trapped and arm free)
How to defend against a choke
How to defend against side head lock
Defense against kicks
Defense against punches
Pulling and Grabbing Defenses
The final strike 

Our anti bully self defense classes are based on the real-life experience of our Self-Defense and Firearms Instructor Gianluca Zanna, who since the age of 11 attended the National boarding School Convitto Nazionale  Vittorio Emanule 2 and the Italian Military Academy Nunziatella while growing up in Italy.   

The participants will learn how to avoid becoming a target of bullies, understand how bullies think, how to ask for help, how to face a bully if you have to, and how to defend yourself, with easy to learn but effective ways of responsible self-defense techniques. 

Do you want to bring Bully-Proof awareness to your school ?  Gianluca Zanna, the founder of Kingman Force on Force and the author of "Anti-Bullying 101" Curriculum and book, is available for public speeches and engagements to create awareness and share practical techniques in how to avoid to be bullied and if you have to, how to fight back against bullies. To contact Luca Zanna Email directly to

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1 hour class, 2 times per week 

$15.00 per 1-hr class

if you pre-pay the month, the 8 hours class course is just $60.00


Hours and Days

5:00 PM Thursday – Friday 

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Call us 928-263-0071 or email us 

Luca Zanna and his bully experience

Luca Zanna at the age of 16 was a cadet at Nunziatella in Italy, the most ancient Elite Military School in the world where bully is part of the tradition and curriculum. Learn from Luca Zanna and his anti-bully course "Anti-Bully 101" how to avoid being bulled and how to defend yourself against bullies.