AZ Armed Security Guard 16-hour Class

The Authorized Security Guard Class to Certify Security Guards in the State of Arizona.

We are licensed by Arizona Depart of Public Safety (AZ DPS license #1702443) to provide armed security guard training and services in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes Title 32, Chapter 26. 

This 16-hour armed security guard lesson plan is a firearms safety course, designed to teach the novice armed security guard the basics of gun safety, marksmanship, maintenance and familiarization, as well as legal issues related to the use of deadly physical force. It is also intended to provide training on issues likely to be encountered by armed security guards while on duty. This course is not designed to teach security guard fundamentals.

Objectives: 1. To certify armed guards to carry firearms after successfully completing a 16-hour course of instruction. 2. To inform armed guards of escalation and de-escalation of force issues as well as using deadly physical force as justified by law. 3. To display knowledge and proficiency of deadly force issues by passing an approved written test with a minimum score of 100 percent at the conclusion of the class. This requires a score of at least 70 percent on the initial test. Initial test scores below 70 percent fail the class. Students will be retested on the questions they missed until 100% is achieved. 4. To display shooting proficiency by firing a minimum of fifty (50) live rounds for qualification and achieving a score of at least 70 percent.

This lesson plan consists of nine sections.

A. Safety Rules  B Weapon Manipulation  C. Types of Sidearms  D. Accessories E. Firearm storage devices (use training aids) F. Locking devices (use training aids) G. Ammunition and storage H. Training household members I. Hazards of loaded firearms in the home
III. LAW AND LEGAL (Mandatory 4 hours, minimum)
A. Overview ARS Title 13 B. Laws pertaining to firearms and deadly physical force  C. Contact with law enforcement IV. WEAPON CARE AND MAINTENANCE V. MENTAL CONDITIONING and TACTICS A. Modes of Awareness  B. Visualization Techniques C. Defensive Measures F. Ability to apply deadly force   G. Verbal commands and de-escalation H. Confidence – know your responsibilities and authority VI. WEAPON MANIPULATION AND MARKSMANSHIP VII. THREAT RECOGNITION and JUDGMENTAL SHOOTING VIII. WRITTEN TEST A. Authorized 30-question test, with an initial score of at least 70 percent (students with scores below 70 percent must be retrained). B. All incorrect answers will be reviewed and re-tested immediately following administration of the written test. Re-testing may be written or verbal, by individual or group. Final score following retests must be 100%.   IX. FIREARM QUALIFICATION A. Minimum standard: 50 rounds with a firearm and live ammunition, using the authorized course of fire.
Live ammunition shall consist of a case, primer, powder and a lead, lead-jacketed bullet (or frangible ammunition if required by the range). Use of BB/Pellet guns or simulated, marking and/or rubber projectile ammunition is prohibited. Students should be drawing and firing from a holster they intend on using to carry their handgun with, but this is not mandatory. B. NRA TQ-15, TQ-19 or equivalent, i.e., secondary scoring ring equal to 14 x 16, or less. Shots outside of the 2nd scoring ring will not count. C. 70 percent hits within the secondary scoring ring are required for a passing score. Scores of less than 70 percent must be re-qualified. 

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All Classes are Taught by Certified DPS Instructors. The Class Fee Includes Range Time. You will receive the necessary forms to submit to D.P.S. 

You will need to submit that form along with finger prints and passport photos to the Department of Public Safety (DPS).
DPS charges a fee to complete the background check and issue the guard card.