Arizona CCW Class

Arizona Concealed Carry Permit Class

The most complete AZ CCW Class in the State... for the best Value!
5 hour class Normally $85.00 per person, PREPAY and just $49.99 per person –
Next date Sunday 28July 2019
1pm to 6pm

Curriculum by Gianluca Zanna – AZ DPS Firearms Instructor, NRA Certified Handgun Instructor, NRA Certified Rifle Instructor, NRA Certified Shotgun Instructor,  NRA Certified Self Defense Inside the Home Instructor, NRA Certified Self Defense Outside the Home Instructor, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, Refuse to be a victim Certified Instructor, Distinguished Graduated at Frontsight Nevada Firearms Institute, Qualified Rifleman with the Army Qualification test, UTM Certified Instructor.

Arizona Concealed Carry Classes AZ CCW at Kingman Force on Force with FREE Virtual Range Simulator
Arizona Concealed Carry Classes AZ CCW at Kingman Force on Force with FREE Virtual Range Simulator

What you will learn

More than just Laws

1. The Moral and Ethical Decision 2. Who can Own a Firearm 3. Benefits of Obtaining an Arizona CCW 4. Basic Firearm Safety 5. Marksmanship Fundamentals 6. Mindset and Attitude: You are the Weapon.  Knowledge and Attitude 7. Types of Guns and Calibers: find the Gun that fits you 8. Dedicated Carry Systems: how to carry with safety & efficiency 9. Ammunition for Self Defense 10. The Criminal Mindset and Colors of Awareness 11. Escalation of Force: Scenarios When to Shoot or not to Shoot, 21 feet Myth 12. Use of Deadly Physical Force: When You can Shoot 13. After the Shooting Criminal Civil Liability:  prepare now before it   happens 14. Related Laws: ARS Title 13 chapter 31, chapter 4 - ARS Title 4 Chapter 229 - Aggravated Assault  Endangerment – Threatening – Disorderly Conduct - Hindering Prosecution – Criminal Nuisances  Reporting Gun Shots Wounds Aiding a Peace Officer – Warning Shot – Keeping control of your firearms Citizen Arrest – Domestic Violence – Gun Free Zone 15. The “Castle Doctrine” in Arizona 16. Constitutional Carry, Open Carry, Who can Carry 17. Where and How You can legally Carry a Firearm in Arizona 18. Contact with Law Enforcement while Carrying a Firearm 19. Interstate Travel with Firearms and State Reciprocity 20. How to Clean a Firearm 21. Basic Hygiene and Safety Precautions 22. All Required Forms  + Fingerprinting Info 23. Course Completion Certificate

This course satisfies all the legal requirements to be issued an AZ CCW permit.  
Course fee does not include the $60 DPS Application Fee and Fingerprinting
We offer the opportunity to train with our Virtual shooting simulator (included in price).
No Ammo or loaded guns in the room.

Arizona Concealed Carry Permit Class
AZ CCW in Kingman Arizona
Arizona Concealed Carry Permit Class AZ CCW in Kingman Arizona

Arizona CCW Permit: WHY?

At Kingman Force on Force we offer the best AZ CCW Classes in Kingman. We have a virtual range simulator where you learn when to shoot and not to shoot, realistic laser guns and the most extensive curriculum. 

6 Reasons why!

6 benefits why to get an Arizona Concealed Carry Permit

1) Responsibility and Education

“With Freedom comes Responsibility”. As gun owners we have a huge responsibility towards us and others the moment we decided to carry a gun for self-defense. 

2) No background check when purchasing firearms

Every time you purchase a firearm through a FFL dealer you will have to go through a background check. Sometimes, it can take extra time and stress to just wait for the government hot line being too busy. With your CCW permit the FFL dealer does not need to call for the background check. 

3) Improving quality of the potential encounters with Law Enforcement

When you carry a CCW, you show that you are a law abiding person, with no criminal record, with a proven background check, the officer may feel more at ease with you. It may not work every time the same way, but I deeply believe that it can help your interactions with law enforcement. 

4) Carry permitted where Alcohol is served that allow concealed carry

Next time you to a bar or restaurant where Alcohol is served, With your AZ CCW you do not need to leave your gun in the car anymore where somebody could steal it, and at the same time you could be the designated driver and safety person for your night out with friends and family. 

5) Carry privileges in 35 states with the Arizona permit

 At the moment there are 35 States that recognize the Arizona CCW. It is a great benefit to be able to carry your gun for self defense in your next business or pleasure trip. Please, remember States can change their agreement anytime.  

6) 1000 Feet Schools Gun Free Zones

You need to have CCW Permit, under Federal Law, in order to have a firearm in your possession when you are within 1000 feet of a school ground. 

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AZ CCW Details

No Ammo or loaded guns in the room.   

Feel free to bring your unloaded handgun and holster.

July 28th Sunday 2019

AZ CCW August 28 Sunday 2019

1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

3001 Stockton Hill rd

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July 28th Sunday 2019

AZ CCW August 28 Sunday 2019

Class Starts at 1:00 PM

1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

3001 Stockton Hill rd


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