Personalized one one one self defense and krav maga training at Kingman Force on Force

One on One Self-Defense Training

Personalized Self-Defense and Krav Maga Lessons

Busy schedule, need of privacy, do you want to create a special custom self defense curriculum for your family, business associates or close friends? We can help. At Kingman Force on Force we offer personal self-defense and Krav-Maga training. Our qualified instructors will travel to your location or you can schedule a private session at our facility in Kingman AZ. We respect your privacy and we offer complete private entrance and dedicated studio just for your training session.Our self-defense instructors are Aikido Certified Instructor and Aikido Black Belt; Black Belts in Hsing Yi from Wu-Tang Mountain and Shaolin Kung Fu. Specialized in Edged Weapons with Philippine Grandmaster Remy Presas, Krav-Maga Certified Instructor ( Krav Maga Federation of America ), Chen style Certified Tai-Chi Instructor under the Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang.  NASM Certified Personal Trainer, with specialization Sport Nutrition and Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning. 

We offer also private Firearms Training, Force on Force realistic training, security assessment and security plan for your home or business. Our Firearms instructors are AZ DPS Licensed, NRA Certified, UTM certified and insured.

Our instructors have real life and military combat experience around the world.

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Private coaching starts at $85.00 for hour at our location for one person.

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